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Frequently Asked Questions:  IslandTime Bungalow

We try to anticipate questions you might have about GALVESTON GETAWAYS and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, please contact us with your questions



How close is the house to the Beach ?

Islandtime Bungalow is a short 2 ½ blocks from the island’s famous Seawall Boulevard Beach Park.  Once you reach Seawall Blvd., there’s miles of beach in either direction.  Just pick a spot and start soaking up the sunshine


Are there restaurants nearby ? 

Yes, there are places to eat all along Seawall Boulevard, some within a matter of blocks.  There’s also a neighborhood favorite (DiBella’s Italian Restaurant) on 31st street, just a few blocks away from the Islandtime Bungalow. 


Is there a grocery store nearby ? 

Yes, Kroger is located at 5700 Seawall Boulevard.  There is also a Super Wal-Mart on Seawall Blvd. @ Central City Blvd, and a Randall’s Grocery Store on 61st Street @ Central City Blvd.  All of these stores are about 10 minutes away. 


Can beach chairs and umbrellas be rented ? 

Yes, during the peak summer season, various vendors are located on various beaches along Seawall Blvd.  Just look for the colored umbrellas found in clusters (all green, all blue, all purple, etc.), and those are available for rental. 


Can I rent a bicycle close by ? 

Yes, there are multiple bike rental places along Seawall Blvd. 


Does the home come equipped with linens and towels ?

Yes, there are wash cloths & towels in the bathroom and kitchen; linens are on the beds when you check in

Does the home have a washer & dryer available for guests to use ?

Yes, there is a washer & dryer available on-sight; guests are permitted to use it, although laundry soap is not provided


Are beach towels provided ?

No, we do not provide beach towels; guests are asked to bring their own beach towels, since the bath towels at the home are not permitted to leave the home


Does the home have a coffee pot, microwave, toaster and a blender ?

Yes, the home has all of the items above in the kitchen


Is there a BBQ pit ?

Yes, there is a BBQ pit available for guest use.  Guests must provide their own charcoal & lighter fluid


Do you provide coffee ?

Yes, coffee & filters are provided for weekend stays


Does the home have toilet paper ?

Yes, toilet paper is provided for weekend stays


Does the home have dishes, pots & pans, flatware, glasses, etc. ?

Yes, the home is fully equipped with just about everything you would need to prepare a meal.  If there is something specific that you may need, be sure to ask before you come.


Does the home have Wi-Fi internet service ?

Yes, Wi-Fi (wireless) internet service is available; the password will be provided at check-in


What are the options for watching television ?

There are two televisions; one in the living room and one in the kitchen; both get basic (local) stations, and the one in the living room also has a set-top box (ROKU) which includes hundreds of additional channels via internet and NETFLIX with all of the television and movie programming available through that subscription service


Are there board games in the house ?

Yes; Monopoly, Chess and playing cards


What time is Check-in / Check-out ?

Please see Rental Terms

Do you charge a Cleaning Fee ?

No, we do not charge an additional cleaning fee

Before you check-out, we kindly ask that you dispose of kitchen trash in the trash bin outside the back door and leave towels in a pile in bathroom (do not strip bed linens)


Do you allow pets ?

No pets of any kind are permitted at any time

Please see Rental Terms


What is the smoking policy ?

This is a "smoke-free" property

Smoking is strictly prohibited in any interior space of the premises

Smoking is permitted anywhere outside, including the porch and patio areas

Cigarette butts/ashes should not be disposed of in trash cans inside the house

Please see Rental Terms


Are additional guests permitted ?

No, Additional overnight guests are not permitted

Please see Rental Terms

Can we have a party at the house ?

No; Please see Rental Terms

What happens if I need to cancel my booking ?

Please see Rental Terms

What happens is the property is damaged during my stay ?

Please see Rental Terms

How do I go about reserving / booking a stay at the Islandtime Bungalow ?

  1. Please take a look at the photos and read the Rental Terms to verify that this home is a good fit for your family or group
  2. Please contact us with verification that you meet the age requirements
  3. Complete payment for your stay


What are the Rental Terms ?

Click here to read the Rental Terms


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